Scoreoid is a real-time marketing platform that powers engagement and monetization.

  • Integrate

    Integrate Scoreoid's SDK and API's in less than 15 minutes

  • Target

    All the players that bought something in the past, currently on level 4 and have 100 points

  • Take Action

    Take action and interact in real-time. Offer them a reward, promotion, gift, store item and more...

  • ROI

    Increase retention, engagement and sales in real-time before you lose your players.


Gaming Backend-as-a-Service

Truly cross platform, white label and SDK free. We’re not another game network but a pure gaming backend covering everything from leaderboards, cloud storage to player management.

Real Time Interactions

Talk directly to key players based on gameplay or segments and improve player engagement with relevant communications in real time. Everything from personalised messages, rewards, dynamic content, announcements, offers to Scoreoid Live Actions powered by 3rd party providers.

Real Time Personalisation

Personalize your game dynamically and in real time based on game events and player behaviours. Offer different menus, content and gameplay to different players or launch winners to a segment of your users creating a better gaming experience.

Dynamic Marketing

Run dynamic marketing campaigns in real time. Create better interactions with your players, driving engagement, revenue, and loyalty. Test and push content to players without the need for app store approval.

Powerful Actions

Do more with powerful actions like send data to internal BI tools, salesforce, integrate your own providers or use our 3rd party providers like WuFoo Forms and MailChimp. Endless options and possibilities.

Gaming Backend As A Service

Truly cross platform, white label backend to cover all your needs.

Pay As You Grow Pricing

Pay As You Grow pricing that is simple and scales with your games.
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Great Support

We’re known for our great support and community driven service.



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What developers are saying.

We’re more then a platform. we’re a community.

  • First time, it took me less than an hour to learn Scoreoid. Then I, obviously, wanted more. Advanced player registration and management, high score filtering, you name it. Everything was already there, waiting for me to quickly and easily implement it. Fantastic.

     Daniele Giardini
    Daniele GiardiniHoloville Games
  • Scoreoid is great! It has saved me countless hours of coding and given me the ability to focus more on creating a great game without having to worry about how I’m going to handle all the “other stuff” Scoreoid Rocks!

  • I’ve been searching for a proper solution for my leaderboards without the need of servers or a database, Scoreoid was an instant hit and its no-API approach made it compatible with any platform!

    KenneyIndie game developer

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