Featured Developer – Dario Cavada

Just interviewed Indie Game Developer Dario Cavada aka Merlino Dreamlab, for the Scoreoid Featured Developers Series. Dario Cavada is from Italy and it’s great to see game developers from all around the world using Scoreoid but more importantly learning about their experiences.


[quote]Indie Game Developer Dario Cavada aka Merlino Dreamlab[/quote]

Where are you located?


You located in Italy, does Italy have a strong community?

[quote]There are several communities for indie game developers and our experience has been really good.[/quote]

What type of game developer are you?

[quote]Indie Game Developer[/quote]

What types of games do you develop?

[quote]Casual games and interactive ebooks[/quote]

What platforms are you developing for?

[quote]Currently Flash and iOS. I plan to support HTML5 and Android.[/quote] [quote]Flash is the “must have” platform for web and mobile.[/quote]

What tools do you use?

[quote]Initially we have developed mobile games using Cocos2d and lot’s of other software utilities like LevelHelper, SpriteHelper, ParticleDesigner etc… For the next interactive ebook and games we are evaluating one of the most widely used tool Unity3D. We have also used Stencyl for web based games coding in AS3 and exporting to the Flash format SWF.[/quote]

You have used Stencyl and other tools, how is Stencyl?

[quote]I tried different tools to find the easiest one to use for Flash games. After various attempts, I chose Stencyl because the strong community and it’s very easy to use (at least initially). Our initial game prototype took just a few weeks![/quote]

Technology thoughts?

[quote]If you need to have the flexibility I would go with Flash otherwise, I recommend using Stencyl that allows to achieve the objectives in a short time and leaves more space for creativity without having to think too much about programming.[/quote]

How are you making money from game development?

[quote]Well yes and no. We made a game for a customer but it covered only the cost of implementation. Regarding iPhone or iOS it’s a difficult world. In my point of view the marketing costs is much more than the creation of an application.[/quote]

Who do you follow?

[quote]Actually I do not follow an author or a particular site although I prefer people who write good books and authors or contributors of the various open source projects. I follow Cocos2d, Kobold2d, Stencyl, Unity3D, and other related forums and blogs.[/quote]

A little self promotion is always good


What’s your favorite game that you developed?

[quote]What we have done for the FIS World Championships Fiemme2013 is certainly very successful and appreciated by everyone for the difference from the usual sports games. The graphics are made ​​by hand, the context of the Squirrel Mascot (Skiri) and fun atmosphere of the Fiemme Valley have been widely accepted.[/quote]

Can you tell us how you got to develop the FIS World Championships Fiemme2013 game and what was the experience like?

[quote]We proposed the game directly to FIS World Championships as we live in the valley where the FIS World Championships Fiemme2013 will be held. We thought it would be a great and interesting opportunity for us.[/quote] [quote]The interaction with the organization was very interesting and enjoyable, especially for the graphic proposals which we made from the beginning. We hope that this game will bring in brand advertising and exposure.[/quote] [quote]For now, we have implemented only the first game level but we expect to reach 5 to 10 by the end of the year. We are pleased to have found a platform like Scoreoid and we hope to use it in other games.[/quote]

Is there a game you would like to promote?

[quote]Of course, we would like to promote Skiri Minigame, but also an interactive ebook for iOS “Eliseo and the Creature with the Blue Fur” available on the iOS Appstore.[/quote]

What social networks are you on?

[quote]Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.[/quote]

Whats you website or blog?


Tell eveyone about Scoreoid!


How did you feel about adding Scoreoid to your game?

[quote]It was quite simple to integrate, even if the platform used in our case stencyl had no native objects dedicated to Scoreoid. We used AS3 for coding and the clear documentation available on scoreoid’s web site is great.[/quote] [quote]You can see how to do this with the following example on our blog. For us sharing scores, rankings and knowing the usage data of the game was the thing of greatest value. In the future we want to create components for leaderboards (overall and daily) to be inserted in various websites in order to involve more users to participate.[/quote]

Whats your favorite part about Scoreoid?

[quote]The API and ease of use.[/quote]

What was your favorite feature?

[quote]The best part as I have written is the ease of use, clarity of documentation and examples for various programming languages​​.[/quote]

Lets wrap it up, Have the final say.

[quote]I think that the platform Scoreoid both simpler and more effective to use for leaderboards. I’d like to provide some things such as better management of events and maybe some pre-configured widgets to distribute the charts on multiple websites. Overall it is a great platform and I recommend it to everyone.[/quote]
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