Featured Developer – esDot Studio

Continuing the Scoreoid Featured Developers Series with esDot Studio from Edmonton Canada who just released an amazing and addictive cross platform game called Snow Bomber.

Your full name

[quote]Shawn Blais[/quote]

Where are you located?

[quote]Edmonton, Canada[/quote]

What type of game developer are you?


What types of games do you develop?


What platforms are you developing for? and why?

[quote]All mobile platforms supported by AIR. Monetization is much easier on devices than on the web.[/quote]

What tools do you use?

[quote]FlashBuilder 4.6 + AIR 3.1. AIR makes it possible for me to deploy a single codebase across multiple devices.[/quote] [quote]There are alternatives, but all of them require me to develop on OSX in order to deploy to iOS, and none of them offer a nice strongly typed language like AS3. So, AIR wins easily for me.[/quote]

You just published Snow Bomber a great cross platform game on which platform do you have the most players and scores?

[quote]Currently the app is having the most success on Blackberry Playbook, by far. The app has become featured on Playbook, which has led to a nice boost in sales. It is turning out to be extremely hard to get traction in the Android and iOS markets, and surprisingly even Kindle Fire.[/quote]

You just switched to having a free version with in app purchase can you tell us why?

[quote]It was not really a switch, but rather an attempt to maximize exposure. The plan was always too release a free version, but I wanted to stagger the releases to maximize any exposure we might get as a new/featured app. By having two methods to access your app, you are increasing the amount of foot traffic your app will get, which can only be a positive.[/quote]

With Snow Bomber I noticed 200 high scores on the global leaderboards how important are high scores and leaderboards for you?

[quote]Ha, 200? I have over 4600 scores! The scoring is everything in my game. Without the ability to record scores, and compete globally, the game would quickly become boring. So, they are absolutely core to the experience.[/quote]

How did you get into game development?

[quote]I’ve always been an avid game player, and have wanted to do program games, but have always had to pay the billls first… After seeing a little success with my other utility based apps for iOS and Android, I found a bit of freedom to try my hand at a game![/quote]

Technology thoughts?

[quote]Don’t buy into the hype and buzzwords.[/quote] [quote]Right now it’s more profitable to use Flash to build your Apps/Games. HTML5 is not mature yet, and has tons of drawbacks, so you may as well hold off.[/quote] [quote]If you’re worried about being caught behind the curve, don’t be. A high level AS3 programmer will be able to pick up canvas in just a couple of days, it’s really simple stuff.[/quote]

How are you making money from game development?

[quote]Direct sales on app store(s).[/quote]

Who do you follow?

[quote]Following game developers or as3 dev’s on Google+ is my primary drip of information these days.[/quote]

A little self promotion is always good


Whats your favorite game that you developed?


Whats your most popular game that you developed?

[quote]SnowBomber! – snowbomber.ca[/quote]

Whats you website or blog?


Tell eveyone about Scoreoid!


How did you feel about adding Scoreoid to your game(s)?

[quote]It very easy, and the support team was extremely quick to respond to my requests.[/quote]

Whats your favorite part about Scoreoid?

[quote]The easy to use REST API, and the console for testing.[/quote]

What was your favorite feature?

[quote]In game notification support.[/quote] [hr]
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