Featured Developer ODI Entertainment

Just interviewed ODI Entertainment from South of Brazil, for the Scoreoid Featured Developers Series. There developing some great Edutainment and Advergames.


[quote]ODI Entertainment[/quote]

Can you tell us a little about your team?

[quote]We have a small company comprised of three main areas: design, development and content. Each of these sections are managed by one of the three partners of the company. Usually, for each particular project, third-party force is subcontracted according to the demand.[/quote]

Where are you located?

[quote]South of Brazil[/quote]

Your located in Brazil. We’re seeing lots of great designers and developers in Brazil, how is the game industry out there?

[quote]The game market in Brazil is growing really fast, we are foreseeing a great demand for casual games in the next two years. Right now, there are a lot of companies here that are supported by investors from all over the world. However, this scenario is changing and companies that count on local investors, such as ourselves, are getting stronger and stronger. [/quote]

What type of game developer are you?


What types of games do you develop?

[quote]Edutainment, Advergames and Applications for social networks as well as mobile devices.[/quote]

What platforms are you developing for?

[quote]PC, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.[/quote]

What tools do you use?

[quote]Most of the adobe CS tools, because they are very integrated with multi platform work flow.[/quote]

Your using Flash and Adobe tools, Flash CS6 and the Adobe Creative Cloud just came out. What are your thoughts both on Flash CS6 and the Creative Cloud?

[quote]Yes, we had the opportunity to see them both. We liked them a lot, especially the feature that allows you to export the animations done in Flash to Spritesheet, which speeds up the development for 2D engines such as Starling, for example. About Creative Cloud, we believe that Adobe is creating new ways to facilitate access of small enterprises to the Creative Suite products and services provided.[/quote]

Technology thoughts?

[quote]Currently we believe that Adobe has the best set of tools for game development, so we’ll bet on Flash for at least another five years as the main platform.[/quote]

How are you making money from game development?

[quote]As a starting company, our revenues come basically from advergames and Appstore applications developed for third-parties.[/quote]

Who do you follow?

[quote]Game developers and some Adobe evangelists.[/quote]

A little self promotion is always good


What’s your favorite game that you developed?

[quote]Our favorite is always the one that’s being developed at the moment. In this case it is a game called “CHAPAS” that will run on Multi touch Tabletop environments. In this game four players compete against each other to see who’s the fastest to identify and process information presented by the tabletop. The game is interactive and highly addictive!!![/quote]

What’s your most popular game that you developed?

[quote]Gincana do Caminhoneiro it’s an advergame created based on a real truck race that happens every year in Brazil sponsored by Volkswagen. Competitors battle for the fastest times on a slalon obstacle course in order to win prizes.[/quote]

Is there a game you would like to promote?

[quote]Luigi’s Pizzaria it’s an iPad bilingual (English and Portuguese) application that will soon be released on Appstore. It is an Edutainment game designed to teach the foundations of Mathematics to young children.[/quote]

What social networks are you on?

[quote]Google+, Facebook[/quote]

Whats you website or blog?


Tell eveyone about Scoreoid!


How did you feel about adding Scoreoid to your game?

[quote]Integration is extremely simple, which gave us a speed boost in the project development.[/quote]

Whats your favorite part about Scoreoid?

[quote]We really liked the API, it covers many of the requirements of our upcoming games.[/quote]

What was your favorite feature?


What games are using Scoreoid and what features are you using?

[quote]Gincana do Caminhoneiro. We’re using the leaderbaords and player data/management features.[/quote]

Lets wrap it up


Have the final say.

[quote]Our mission is to provide the best gaming experience for our users. Our minds are always full of ideas about the world around us. That’s why we are constantly trying to create intelligent, innovative and fun games for various types of people. [/quote]
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