Global Game Jam 2012 Game Resources

Can’t wait for the Global Game Jam 2012, this will be my third game jam and should be really great especially considering how the game community in Israel has really grown this year their hosting two sites. I do hope the theme this year is a bit better, last years theme was a bit boring for me but I did finish my game Demise! you can check it out at the Global Game Jam site. One of the things that always comes up at the event is finding good resources for your game I think every year I spend a couple hours on Google and my bookmarks I thought it would be good to put together list and share that with everyone. It’s not perfect and I’m sure I missed stuff but just add a comment below and I will make sure to add the link to the list also note I haven’t used every site or tool this is pure reference. Here is the Global Game Jam 2012 Game Resources Side note if anyone plans on using Scoroeid and needs help just hit me up via Twitter or Email via the Scoroeid support page.

Global Game Jam 2012 Game Resources – Graphic Resources

Global Game Jam 2012 Game Resources – Music & Sound

  • as3sfxr – A port of sfxr from C++ to AS3, using the new sound and file capabilities of Flash Player 10.
  • DrPetter’s sfxr – Retro sound effects generator.
  • The Freesound Project – A collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.
  • pdsounds – Public domain sounds, a free sound library.
  • FlashKit SoundFx – An ever growing list of shareware and freeware SoundFX for download.
  • Audio Jungle – Paid sounds and music.
  • Open Music Archive – A collaborative project to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings.
  • Free Music Archive – Free music archive.

Global Game Jam 2012 Game Resources – Terrain & Map Editing Tools

  • TileStudio – Tilestudio is geared more towards 2D games. It has following features: Level editor, Sprite editor, Map editor, output in multiple programming languages.
  • Tiled Map Editor – Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor.
  • iTileMaps – iTileMaps is powerfull tile map creation tool.

Global Game Jam 2012 Game Resources – Models

Global Game Jam 2012 Game Resources – HTML5

Global Game Jam 2012 Game Resources – Links

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