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Global Game Jam 2012 is getting ready to start and I can’t wait I have no idea why I’m so excited this year. I think mostly because I only worked on few games this year just been busy with Scoreoid no complaints I love it and the feedback from game developers and the community have been amazing. We’re still in bootstrap mode but have a lot more planned stay tuned! Saying that Scoreoid is not an official sponsor for Global Game Jam which is somewhat disappointing that the IGDA which runs GGJ have no options and are not interested in helping young start-ups the are bootstrap, community driven and done by game developers. Update I just received an email (2AM) from Zuraida Buter GGJ Director I guess my emails to become a sponsor feel thur the cracks totally understandable GGJ is a big event and not simple considering all the organizers are volunteers. Scoreoid was just added to the promotions page we’re now official would like to thank Zuraida for the quick response and support. But that doesn’t mean we can’t offer anything so I put together a simple promotion before I get into the details I do have a few points. Fist as a game developer you should use what works best for you and most importantly your game Scoreoid might not work for you. Second if you need any help, have questions or anything just send me an email or tweet. Last if you do use Scoreoid send us feedback, suggestions and ideas we really believe in creating great features for game developers.

The Offer

Scoreoid is currently free and we will always have a free plan but will also have pro plans with special benefits. We don’t have an exact date but at some point it will happen the offer is simple 1 year free pro plan all you have to do is the following:
  • Use Scoroeid for your GGJ game.
  • You can use any features you like, one feature or all of them it’s up to you.
  • Your game has to be submitted to the GGJ site by the deadline.
  • Send us a support ticket with your full name game link, description and some text about yourself inculding any links you would like to share.
  • At the end of the event will do a blog post with all the games and your info.
  • That’s it once we activate the pro accounts you will automatically get a 1 year free pro account from the activation date.
  • Ready to go get started!
Global Game Jam 2012 Scoreoid Offer Global Game Jam 2012 Scoreoid Offer Global Game Jam 2012 Scoreoid Offer [hr]
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