Scoreoid at Bootstrap Week

I’m glad to announce that Scoreoid will be at Bootstrap Week. So what is Bootstrap week? It’s a monthly week of dev help run by AT&T and it’s all about the community and helping developers.

Lectures For Mobile Devs

Get live help directly from companies that can take your app to the next level. Real-time messaging, nosql databases, app marketing strategies, developer dating and app pricing are topics to be covered by live senior developers fluent with the technologies and business practices necessary for developers to succeed. Bootstrap Week gives you the chance to attend live online sessions with technical experts that can provide you with the basics necessary to rapidly build mobile app, introduce you to new cutting edge technologies, and assist you in debugging your code. Over a four day period, these one hour live online “walk-throughs” provide you with the assistance for new technology setup that could otherwise take the better part of a weekend to fully understand and setup.


Bootstrap week is done via online webinars so anyone can attend. We’re presenting on Wensday, August 8 2012 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT. So sign up for the webinar and don’t miss out.

The Scoreoid Session

In this session we will cover Scoreoid and how to get started with theultimate server platform for game developers with a built in CRM solution. I will show live examples and how you can use the Scoreoid truly cross platform Open Web API. And if there is time we will cover the benefits of leaderbaords, scoring and game achievements how you can be creative when adding this features into your games. We will talk about the importance of cross platform and go beyond the basic covering user login to advanced features. We will cover the Added value this can bring to your game and how it can help your game be successful and improve revenue.

AT&T And The Community

I would like to thank AT&T, Alex Donn and the great team behind bootstrap week for inviting us to do a session. It’s great to be presenting side by side with some amazing companies like Amazon, Qualcomm and many more.
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