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Run 3


How To Really Enjoy Run 3 Online

If you haven’t played the game Run 3 yet, get ready for some first-rate action. If you have played some of the older versions, you will love the new features included in the latest rendition.

In the land of Jump and Run games, you will find that Run 3 is by far the most engaging and addictive. Perhaps the greatest appeal is that it can be played completely free. You can get started right on this very webpage.

You will probably think this game is too easy as you begin and get used to the simplistic user interface. But you will find the dynamics and game terrain change into something very challenging and complex in the first few levels.

The point of the game is to aid our extra-terrestrial heroes to their destinations through various tunnel systems. You can find out exactly how it works and what the controls are on this webpage.

What Is Run 3?

The latest release in the Run series is also called Run Mobile, because it is the first game available for mobile platforms. This may seem a bit confusing as the name looks very similar to the original Run game, but it is very different. The game for mobile platforms is exactly like the third flash based Run 3 game.

Essentially, the game follows a race of interstellar travelers navigating the wormholes of space. You have the option to guide them as they course through the tunnels avoiding the holes and obstacles that threaten to banish them into oblivion. Each alien that is lost through a hole is a victim of the twisting dark beyond, so be careful with that.

In the game based on the Flash platform, the controls are found in the directional keys of your keyboard. Right and left move the alien in these directions while the up key allows you to leap upward and safely avoid an obstacle or hole.

Sounds easy enough, yet wait till the twisting nether begins to place some complex tunnel systems and obstacles across the path. Will all your alien explorers survive them? Time will tell!

You will also notice that the velocity at which your aliens fly will increase as well. This means you will needs a sharper eyes and reflexes to safely navigate the tunnels and bring your crew safely home again.

You will also get to customize your players as you see best. Different characters have different skills and strengths that can be applied to navigating the game differently each time. This gives the game another classic appeal, it never gets boring.

What Is New in This Version?

The newest version has some different features that add to a fresh gamer experience. The biggest difference is that there are all new obstacles within the tunnels and more of them as well. You will also encounter parts of the tunnel that are collapsing and others that can send you flying off your path.

At times, you will find yourself flying blind with only your gut telling you which way to steer. One of the bigger challenges will be administering your power cells. Power cells are collected by completing various tunnels. The more of the game you complete the more power cells can be earned and the more you have to spend.

Spending these cells is not complex. Not every character or feature will be available from the beginning of the game. Many of these unlockable options can be bought with cells throughout the game as the levels progress. In addition to characters, there are also game modes that can be unlocked.

We will explore more about the game modes further on in the article, but for now one of the best ways to earn plenty of power cells is by playing in infinite mode.

The important take away here is that the more you play, the more cells you can earn and the more you can spend on the various unlockable upgrades available.

What Are the Different Run 3 Game Modes?

There are two modes of gameplay in Run 3 and they are set up quite differently.

Explore Mode — the main mode of gameplay is called explore mode, this contains the entire story upon which the game is based. The only way to unlock and progress through the game is by playing through explore mode first.

The story goes like this, a band of aliens left their home world to explore these mysterious tunnel networks in space. By the time they return to their home world, they find it has vanished. Now, they are left with two options. Continue the desperate search for their homeland, or migrate toward a mysterious cosmic disturbance brewing on the edge of time.

Each level of progression brings with it new story details, obstacles and locked features, so you can expect completely diverse game play every time. Power cells will be earned along the way and these will help to buy additional features and characters.

Infinite Mode — there is no order or reason to this style of game play. The game never ends as the levels will simply keep repeating themselves in a random order indefinitely. This is not a way to progress through the missions, but is a good way to collect large amounts of power cells for buying and upgrades and characters.

What is a Flash Game?

Adobe Flash provides a versatile platform that can be accessed on all types of operating systems including, iOS, Smartphones and PCs. You will find very few mobile devices or consoles incapable of using this platform.

The best thing you can do first is to head over to the Adobe website and use the free Flash version checker. This will tell you if you need to install it or download an update.

Play Run 3 Right Here

And, you can play this game right from the convenience of your computer, and it’s much more fun to play on the large screen if you have one. It makes controlling the aliens far easier and you can see the game in a larger resolution.

You can begin playing this game from this very website, best of all the game is completely free to use. If you would like to save your progress you will need a registered account but setting up the free account will only take a few minutes.