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A truly cross platform, white label no SDK, scalable backend as a service.

You develop your game, we take care of the rest.
Integrate our cross platform API’s in less than 15 minutes.

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Supported Platforms

Cloud Storage

Store game or player data safely and securely in the cloud with data storage. Conveniently save any game or player information that’s available anywhere and accessible from all devices. Store player progress, settings, custom data, generate dynamic levels, save preferences and much more.


Scoreoid started with leaderboards, because we know that’s central to any game. Give your players the opportunity to compete against millions of other players. We provide stronger options than any other platform for creating and customizing leaderboards, from incremental leaderboards to positionally, including our open API for a wide variety of customized filters and parameters.

Cross-Platform, No SDK

Scoreoid provides an agnostic solution, so no matter what type of game you’re developing, you need only one backend – Scoreoid. Even more exciting, you can offer players the ability to compare scores and data across different platforms. We support all major programming languages and platforms to provide a solution that is truly cross platform and agnostic to your development environment.

In-Game Notifications

Increase engagement with in-game notifications engaging your players. You can provide updates, news feed, promotions, promote additional game titles or alert users to new features.

Secure Player Logins

With Scoreoid you can easily create simple and secure player login letting you save player data across platforms and devices with ease to create a better gaming experience for your players. Furthermore, Scoreoid has built-in robust platform security, HTTPS and advanced encryption features.

Your Data

With Scoreoid your data belongs to you, we respect that you retain ownership of your data. Scoreoid isn’t another game network taking away your most valuable asset your players and game data. Our bulk storage engine is MongoDB, our preferred method of returning your data to you is via zipped ‘mongodump’.


Cut thru the noise and static with Scoroeid’s analytics you get real and immediate insights, from DAU to MAU. Receive useful and actionable insights that are easy to understand. And with our Custom Event Tracking create your own analytic events or use our predefined events and track everything.

Player Management

Track and manage your players with Scoreoid built in cross-platform CRM system. Increase engagement by offering giveaways, raffles, direct engagement or create smarter promotions such as email, social media or using our notifications system.

Easy to use dashboard & console

You send data. Scoreoid does the rest, manage all your apps from an easy to use online dashboard and with the Scoreoid console you can test, pull and add data, in an instant. Don’t forgot the Scoreoid Open REST API based on the standard RESTful protocol that is truly cross platform.

More of What You Want

When we say “developed by game developers”, we mean it and we participate heavily in the developer community. The Scoreoid platform is first and foremost a platform for game developers, and we take into consideration the issues and needs of the game development community.



What developers are saying.

We’re more then a platform. we’re a community.

  • First time, it took me less than an hour to learn Scoreoid. Then I, obviously, wanted more. Advanced player registration and management, high score filtering, you name it. Everything was already there, waiting for me to quickly and easily implement it. Fantastic.

     Daniele Giardini
    Daniele GiardiniHoloville Games
  • Scoreoid is great! It has saved me countless hours of coding and given me the ability to focus more on creating a great game without having to worry about how I’m going to handle all the “other stuff” Scoreoid Rocks!

  • I’ve been searching for a proper solution for my leaderboards without the need of servers or a database, Scoreoid was an instant hit and its no-API approach made it compatible with any platform!

    KenneyIndie game developer

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