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Tap the Frog


It is no surprise that web games which are available on smartphones are more than likely big business these days, and adorably addictive mini-games have proven to be a long-lasting trend nowadays.

Tap the Frog is no exception, and it is actually based on the popular Flash Game named Click the Frog.

If you’re wondering what the game is all about, the title should be pretty self-explanatory. Players have to tap on frogs as quickly as they fingers can possibly cope with. What makes the game appeal to so many is the cuteness aspect of it, how easy-going and enjoyable it can be, in spite of age.

This means that children can also play the game, as there is no complicated story to it which may deter them from enjoying it. Instead, the game revolves around a series of mini-games which asks players to tap on the frog present on their screens as quickly as they possibly can.

If you’re thinking this game is really time-consuming, think again, as each level usually lasts around a minute or so. This means that if you’re feeling stressed, for example, you can always take a short break and tap a few cute frogs.

While that might not be as efficient as your favorite happy-hour, this game has a huge number of levels you can choose from, and to be added to it all, they are all unique and never feel overly-repetitive.

Despite the fact that the game’s graphics are simple, they are still entertaining and quite charming. All the little frogs in the game as made as 2D, and they are brightly coloured and cute as a button. Additionally, there are many different frogs in the game which can vary in color and other details, meaning that you might be pleasantly surprised by the frogs in each level.

When playing the game you can earn star rankings (there are five stars available per each level) however, even the quickest and wittiest players might struggle to collect the 5th star due to the speed requirement. Nonetheless, difficult has never meant impossible, meaning that you while it is hard to obtain that last star, it is still somewhat achievable.

However, your level of competitiveness will always be challenged, as different levels ask players to mash and tap the screen in a specific way. For example, one mode requires players to tap frogs in a specific order, another task may require players to tap on as many frogs as physically possible within a specified time frame, or other challenging modes.

Overall, Tap the Frog is an adorable game which can be played by both adults and kids, one that won’t ever add any unnecessary stress to players, but instead will possibly make them smile and temporarily forget about any troubles.