Month: May 2020

Understanding Rules and Points in Casino (Card Game)

The classic old card game known as ‘casino’ has been around long enough to be moulded and created into different versions. Due to that, today we have the Royal Casino, Casino(Kasino) in Northern countries, Casino in Southern Africa and so on. Most of these versions tend to either include or exclude bidding. Regardless, everyone wants to understand the rules and points for the game since that is a common element. So once you’ve been familiarized with the same, you can proceed ahead to play any version of the game. Hence, keep reading to know more.


The Rules

Decoding the rules will be our first priority since it provides a way to move forward. Soon after understanding them, one should evaluate and have a trial run.


  1. The minimum and the aptest requirement of players for the game stands to be at two, but you can also play with 3 to 4 players. If the count stands to be four, the players need to play in partnership.
  2. Using a standard deck with no jokers is considered to be the right way to play the game.
  3. Cards have value based on building, leaving out the face cards. For the rest, the value depends upon the number of spots on them.
  4. A player who was last in taking cards gets all the remaining cards in the middle soon after the round.
  5. Kinds, queens and jacks cannot be a part of a combination since they can only be paired and taken.
  6. Only one card can be played from a player’s hand during a turn.
  7. Players can create combinations if he/she holds a card in their hand with the same value as the combination that is being created.
  8. Call combinations remain at the initial value and cannot be raised by any player throughout the game.
  9. A player who created a combination cannot trail a card on his/her next move of the combination has not been changed.
  10. As a player, your goal is to score more points than your opponents. You should complete that particular task by taking in more cards and spades than your opponent, thereby beating him/her.

Rules of cards

Basis for Scoring

In the end, players review the cards collected and calculate based on the value. Doing so will signify their gameplay and whether or not they have been successful.  The basis for the same is as follows.

  1. Spades carry 1 point each.
  2. Aces also carry 1 point each.
  3. Most cards carry 3 points which stand to be exempted in case of a tie.
  4. 10 of diamonds gets 2 points, and 2 of diamonds get 1 point.
  5. Every game is played to 21 points.


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