Server latform

The ultimate server platform for game developers!

Scoreoid, developed by game developers for game developers, is a non-restrictive, reliable and easy to use server platform for game developers designed to handle but not limited to leaderboards, game achievements, player login, in-game features, built in CRM features and game management including advanced functions such as platform content awareness, for multi-platform games.

Scoreoid’s goal is to make games better by handling advanced features, shortening game development time and costs, and freeing up developer time to focus on their games. Scoreoid is a free hosted solution, sign-up now!

Free and secure

Scoreoid is a free hosted solution with continues updates, new features and advanced security options.

Advanced game achievements

You can create advanced game achievements across multiple games and different games.

Advanced leaderboards

Use a wide choice of options for segmenting and extracting your game data

In depth analytics

Get in depth game stats and in-game analytics without third party APIs.

Cross platform development

Because it’s cross platform you can use any game development tool you like, there is also a built in platform content awareness feature.

In game notifications

Create dynamic in game notifications across all platforms without having to update your game.

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